Enjoy being alone.




Are you among those people who hate being left alone and are always looking for company? Or are you one who can't wait to get their me time whenever possible? Being alone and being lonely are 2 different things. Those who are loners will never feel lonely and will always enjoy their own company the most. Add to that the list of benefits they get for spending quality time with their own self.



Give wings to your creativity


We have often heard of art retreats. The reason why many poets and artists look for solitude is to ignite their creative selfThe kinds of ideas that occur to us when we are alone are the most creative. When we are alone we listen to ourselves, find ways to implement our own ideas, and are our own critic as well. Since there are no distractions we often end up expressing our artistic side more easily



Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at Washington University in St. Louis, was quoted in The Washington Post, “Decades of research have consistently shown that brainstorming groups think of far fewer ideas than the same number of people who work alone and later pool their ideas.”

 凯斯·索伊尔(Keith Sawyer)是圣路易斯华盛顿大学的心理学家,《华盛顿邮报》曾引用他的观点:“几十年来的研究一直表明,在小组人数一样的情况下,刚开始就头脑风暴的小组比先各自独立思考,然后再汇集想法的小组想到的观点要少得多。”



Let stress vanish and let your brain reboot



We often think that those who prefer to stay alone are heading toward depression or have anxiety. Yes, it is important to be active socially, but studies have clearly shown that people who spend time alone are happier and show less signs of stress. They have a higher satisfaction with life and they also manage stress better than other people.



When you're with everyone, your mind is full of thoughts from both yourself and others. Some of these thoughts also happen to affect your conscience and this leads to stress or anxiety. To give your brain a break and some restit is important to spend some time alone. So, the next time you are asked why you want to be alone, you have enough reasons to support this decision.




Improve your outlook toward your relationships



Spending time with yourself makes you aware of what you actually want. It gives you clarity on your desires and wishes. It calms you down and you become more empathetic toward your relationship with others, even the stressed ones.


Staying alone gives you space enough to assess the people around youIt helps you to choose the kind of people you actually want to be with.




Improve your concentration and productivity



When you're alone, there are no distractions and no interruptions. This gives your brain a better chance for the free flow of ideas. You concentrate better, you focus better, and you are able to do more work in less time. Have you ever wondered why even students prefer to study alone and not in a group? Because according to a study, they do better when they study alone.




Listen to your inner self



Do you think it's been too long since you listened to yourself? The preferences you have, the choices, everything is in some way or another influenced by the people and the circumstances around you. In between this chaos and noise, you tend to forget that consciousness has a voice too which needs to talk to you sometimesBy being alone, you do yourself the favor of getting to know yourself better. It also gives you a better understanding of the kind of person you really are.




Tackle problems more efficiently



When you are alone, you are in a position to make better judgments. You see things from a neutral perspective and that's how you are able to solve even the most difficult problems in your life.



When you are alone, you go thorough thinking and make fair decisions. So, it is important to give yourself some alone time so you don't get overwhelmed by life's daily problems.




Become self-reliant



Let the reality sink in that we came to this world alone and will be leaving it alone too. When alone, you tend to work things out on your own. In between the chaos of life, spending some time alone benefits you by showing you the purpose of all the efforts you are making and showing you how you can become independent


Another important thing that you get rid of is comparisons, which always tend to take you down. In factyou feel happier and more settled when alone. So, why not?




Have fun being alone and be yourself


You can do whatever you want toYou can eat dessert first, you can play music and read, or you can simply do nothing and still feel happy. When you're alone, it's up to you to utilize that 'me time' in whichever way you want.



After all, it's fun at times spending time with just yourself. There's no better way to exercise your freedom of choice. Even desserts before the main course are possible


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